Kassidy Banta | Lakota Young Professional

Kassidy Banta

Kassidy BantaHometown: Callahan, FL
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horses Names: “Stormy, Red, Maggie”


When I was 3, I was blessed with a pony who taught me to ride. I’ve been riding since. At 12,I got my first barrel mare who i still run today. I’ve been blessed with awesome horses. I competed locally in WWRA, NBHA, this year I’m getting into roping and joining the local Georgia association that starts back in august. At the moment I have a appendix mare who is a 1D mare that I’m beginning to figure her out,a 5 year old Quarab that I trained from a young colt who was neglected and wild. He’s taught me so much! He’s gonna be on the trailer this year also,along with Red a free mare we found and it turns out she is a rope horse. Owners had no clue what she was capable of! My last mare, missy who I’ve owned since I was 12 is my most reliable mare. She takes care of me and I take care of her. My horses are my world. I’ve always looked up to Martha Josey,she’s a wonderful woman who has never got to big headed about herself. She trains awesome horses and is a all around kind woman.

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