LYPA Rider of the Week: Sarah Nelson

LYPA Rider of the Week: Sarah Nelson

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A college student who always makes time for riding, Sarah Nelson is a tenacious rider who always encourages others to be the best they can be, and is always willing to give help to those who need advice or riding tips!

5 Quick Questions:

Q: How did you get into riding?

I started riding before I could even walk and then had to force my parents into letting start taking lessons and from then on, I was hooked!

Q:Do you have a good luck charm?

My best friend made me a cross pendent made out of horseshoe nails. Ever since I put it on, it has brought me good luck! I also have a pair of lucky socks… lol

Q:Why do you ride?

I ride because it makes me feel proud of myself. It is the most freeing, fleeting feeling in the world.

Q:How do you calm those pesky show nerves?

I have been rodeoing for a while so I don’t get as nervous as I used to. Before barrels and breakaway, I listen to music that gets me super pumped up and before goats, I can’t listen to music because I have to stay calm so I don’t face plant lol

Q: What’s the best piece of horse advice you’ve been given?

The best advice that I ever got was from my dad. When I was 6, my horse took off with me and I almost fell off. When I finally got my horse to stop, I got off and my dad told me that if I got off right then, I would never get back on again. When you’re scared, get back on and face your fears.

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