Lakota 2024 Spring SPIFF Claims Form

Lakota Spring SPIFF

Claims Form | Lakota 2024 Spring SPIFF


1. This promotion is available for any new Model Year 2022 or Model Year 2023 Lakota trailer on the ground and in-stock at your dealership. Retail customer ordered trailers and used trailers do not qualify.

2.  In order for the salesperson to receive their $500 SPIFF, the salesperson’s correct information must be included on the Claims Form along with a completed W-9 form and completed Warranty Registration form. The W-9 form can be downloaded from the IRS website and then attached to the Claims Form after it’s completed.

3. This SPIFF special will officially end at the close of business on May 31st, 2024. Please be sure to submit all claims within 2 weeks after the special has ended. Access to the Claims Form online will no longer be available for submissions after June 15th, 2024, please use the form below to submit.

After submissions are reviewed, the SPIFF’s will be issued as a check under the salesperson’s name and will be mailed as a group to your dealership.


Please complete the entire form below.