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“…customer service, is amazing throughout!”

“Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome matching chairs! What a great surprise!

I love our trailer! And your customer service, is amazing throughout! Yourself (AJ), Gary & Katrina, and my sales representatives, Trey and Jason @ NRS have all been outstanding to work with! It takes a village, but you all get it done! Please feel free to share my thoughts! On social media or your website. In addition, I would gladly share my perspective with anyone who asks. 🙂

We are very pleased & will continue to recommend & promote our Lakota. Had a friend who customized her Featherlite, and she liked the interior design & quality of my Lakota, better. 🙂

Thanks for all you do. Happy trails!”

Gabrielle, Manhattan KS

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“The tightness of the construction, fit, and finish is readily apparent…”

“My wife and I have AQHA/NRHA Reiners, and live on a small farm in Newnan, GA. We had a small 2 horse, steel, bumper pull that would literally get the job done but everyone arrived beaten, sore, and feeling abused – no way to get ready to show! Two families in a similar situation, except 6-12 months ahead, we piggy-backed on their research and found out right away why they BOTH went with Lakota Trailers.

What I noticed immediately was the quality of the construction. I was stunned at the welds – whoever is hiring/training your welding team is an artist. I’m not a welder but I know that aluminum can be very challenging to work with. These guys make it look like cake icing. Additionally, the grease fittings for the drop-down windows…who thinks of that?!?! I said I noticed the welds first, that’s not true. Both my wife and I were taken by the overall beauty of what would ultimately be the trailer we purchased. It was just a good-looking trailer, I still think so every day I walk past it. It just glided behind the truck with no perceptible sway or drift. The tightness of the construction, fit, and finish is readily apparent the second you pull a Lakota. Its simply that well built.

Creekside has 3 brand-new Lakotas that raft up next to each other at shows looking like an advertisement (a good one by the way). If you talk to any of the three of us you’ll hear the same thing; we love our trailer and are happy with our experience. Thank you again to everyone involved. Please keep up the impressive work, its making a difference.”

Charlie, Newnan, GA

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“Their team is so positive!”

“My experience with AJ, Lakota’s customer service manager, borders wonderful, she is always so positive and a true supergirl. I bought a Lakota Trailer and an issue arose with the slide out. Lakota fixed the slide out and also looked over the whole trailer. Their team were all so positive! Our Big Horn Edition is made well, and we have never had an issue with the framework. There are 5 people in our riding group that now have Lakota’s!”

Mike Beard, Owner

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“…stands by their product.”

“Lakota stands by their product. When something isn’t right, the Lakota people work with the customer until it’s fixed to their satisfaction!”

Shelby Weeks, Owner

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